Our food

All of our salads, crudites pots, sandwiches and wraps are prepared from fresh ingredients everyday; at Camden food co. we love food and all the people in our kitchen take pride and care to prepare your meal every day. We also offer delicious treats such as Fairtrade chocolate and freshly made muffins, organic coffee and tea.

Breakfast: From our delicious bowl of porridge to our freshly baked muffins, we offer different breakfast options for all the tastes.menu-breakfast

  • Bacon and Cheese Panini

    Cooked streaky bacon with Taw Valley cheese – 482cals

  • Bacon and Scrambled Egg Panini

    Creamy scrambled egg with slices of streaky bacon – 431 cals

  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel

    Classic smoked salmon & lemon cream cheese – 466 cals

  • Bacon Roll

    Cooked back bacon served in a freshly baked crusty batch roll – 346 cals

  • Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Tomato & Mushroom Panini

    Scrambled egg, streaky bacon, seasoned char grilled mushrooms & tangy sun-dried tomato with a smoked chili ketchup – 547 cals

  • Scrambled Egg & Mushroom Panini

    Scrambled egg with seasoned char grilled mushrooms – 400 cals

  • Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel

    Toasted and spread with butter – 364 cals

  • Porridge with Honey or Fruit Compote

    Our fresh porridge with a choice of honey or fruit compote – 309 cals

Fruit and yoghurt: Our fruit pots will boost your vitamin C levels for the day, while our Greek yoghurt packed with berries will be a delicious alternative to packed snacks.menu-fruit

  • Strawberry Compote

    Served with fresh strawberries, Greek yoghurt and granola

  • Forest Fruit Compote

    Served with Greek Yoghurt and granola

  • Honey and Banana

    Served with Greek Yoghurt and granola

  • Fruit Salad

    Orange, pineapple, red apple, honeydew melon, black grapes & pomegranate seeds

  • Fresh Fruits

    Bananas, apple, grapes

Bakery: Delicious freshly baked products every morning on our counter; Butter croissant, pain au chocolat, red fruit croise, assorted muffinsmenu-bakery

  • Assorted Pastries

    Butter croissant, almond croissant, pain a chocolat

  • Assorted Muffins

    Chocolate, Blueberry or Lemon

Salads: Our freshly made salad range will offer enticing combinations for your taste buds.menu-salad

  • Superfood Salad

    A fresh summer salad with mixed grains, creamy feta topped with edamame beans and pomegranate seeds with a balsamic dressing – 210 cals

  • Chicken & Egg Caesar salad

    Succulent sliced chicken breast & sliced egg on a bed of crisp salad leaves served with croutons, shaved Grano Padano & creamy Caesar sauce – 243 cals

  • Serrano Ham with Melon & Feta

    Creamy feta cheese with cured serrano ham & fresh watermelon on a bed of crisp salad leaves served with balsamic dressing watermelon on a bed of crisp salad leaves served with balsamic dressing – 220 cals

  • Hot Smoked Salmon

    With mixed grains with a horseradish & lemon crème fraîche dressing salad – 311 cals

Little salad & snack pots: A healthy way of snacking.menu-soup

  • Wasabi Peas

    A healthy treat with a spicy kick.

  • Mozzarella and Tomato

    Tender Mozzarella bocconcini balls with cherry tomatoes and basil

  • Feta, Cucumber & Olive

    A healthy treat for you!

Soups: All of our soups are organic and low fat.menu-soup

  • Moroccan Chicken Soup

    Traditional Moroccan stew with delicious chicken

  • Tomato & Mascarpone Soup

    Creamy tomato soup with a blend of mascarpone

Hot Pots: Delicious pots to be heated at the counter, simply ask our staffmenu-hot-pot

  • Superfood Hot Pot

    Red & white quinoa with spicy roquito peppers, diced butternut squash, sweet potato with marinated chargrilled carrots with fresh spinach & creamy feta cheese – 233 cals

  • Thai Green Curry

    Authentic fragrant Thai Green Chicken Curry, long grain & wild rice, crisp beansprouts & mangetout – 284 cals

  • Thai Red Curry

    Authentic fragrant Thai Red Chicken Curry served with long grain & wild rice and fresh crisp beansprouts & mangetout – 290 cals

  • Chicken Korma Hot Pot

    Creamy chicken korma served with long grain & wild rice, crumbled onion bhaji & fragrant coriander – 353 cals

Sandwiches: Choose from our extensive range of tasty sandwiches with healthy options.menu-sandwiches

  • Egg & Cress

    Creamy, seasoned egg mayonnaise with fresh mustard cress – 361 cals

  • Tuna Mayo and Cucumber

    Chunks of tuna mixed with creamy seasoned reduced fat mayonnaise with slices of crisp cucumber – 317 cals

  • Smoked Applewood Cheese Salad

    With crunchy red slaw & real ale chutney – 448 cals

  • Ham & Mustard

    Honey roast ham with a mustard mayonnaise – 316 cals

  • Houmous & Falafel

    Crumbled falafel with houmous & creamy mint yogurt dressing, slices of chargrilled red pepper – 484 cals

  • Chicken Salad

    Chicken breast and sun-dried tomato mayo served with fresh salad – 430 cals

  • Prawn Cocktail

    King prawns with a classic Marie Rose sauce – 370 cals

  • Ham, Cheese & Chutney

    Honey roast ham with Taw Valley cheese & a real ale chutney – 419 cals

  • Chicken & Avocado

    Chicken breast, creamy avocado slices & a tangy lime mayonnaise – 310 cals

  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

    Smoked salmon, lemon cream cheese & fresh rocket – 420 cals

  • Chicken & Bacon Club

    Sliced chicken breast, streaky bacon & cheese with fresh salad – 458 cals

  • BLT

    Classic BLT boosted with a bacon mayonnaise – 405 cals

Wraps: Choose from our extensive range of tasty wraps freshly made every day.menu-wraps

  • Houmous & Veg Crunch Wrap

    Creamy houmous, crunchy cucumber, red pepper, carrot batons and coriander – 564 cals

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap

    Chicken breast, diced bacon, creamy Caesar mayonnaise served with crisp cos lettuce, cucumber & Grana Padano cheese – 466 cals

  • King Prawn & Avocado Wrap

    King prawns with slices of ripe avocado & Marie Rose sauce with fresh spinach – 411 cals

  • Hoisin Duck Wrap

    Roasted duck, sticky Peking sauce, crisp cucumber, spring onion batons & crunchy Chinese leaves – 511 cals

Bloomers: A selection of multi seeded bloomers with a generous selection of fillings.menu-bloomers

  • Chicken & Pesto Bloomer

    Chicken breast mixed with fragrant basil pesto, crisp salad & Grana Padano cheese – 493 cals
    (Contains nuts)

  • Ham & Egg Bloomer

    Free range egg mayonnaise, slices of free range egg & Wiltshire ham – 465 cals

  • Classic New Yorker Bloomer

    Pastrami, crisp gherkins, Emmental cheese & a Dijon mustard mayonnaise – 520 cals

  • Cheese & Chutney Bloomer

    Creamy Taw Valley cheddar & real ale chutney – 483 cals

Paninis: Choose from a selection of delicious Panini’s served hot or cold.menu-deli-paninis

  • Ham & Cheese Panini

    Honey roast ham with a béchamel & mustard sauce, cheddar & mozzarella – 561 cals

  • Tuna Melt Panini

    Tuna & mayonnaise with cheese – 587 cals

  • Mozzarella, Tomato & Fresh Basil Panini

    Creamy mozzarella, pesto, juicy tomatoes & fragrant basil – 506 cals
    (contains nuts)

  • Tennesee BBQ Chicken Melt Panini

    Chicken breast mixed with Tennessee BBQ sauce & sliced applewood smoked cheddar – 625 cals

  • Chicken & Bacon Panini

    Chicken breast & streaky bacon with cheese – 647 cals

Deli Gourmet Sandwiches: Try our inspiring new and improved Deli Gourmet Range.menu-deli-sandwiches

  • Lime & Coriander Chicken Flat Bread

    Lime & coriander marinated chicken breast, lime crème fraiche, chargrilled red pepper & fresh spinach served in a Kalonji seed flatbread – 344 cals

  • Malaysian Chicken Flat Bread

    Chicken breast marinated in Sambal Olek, spinach in a fresh nigella seed flatbread – 323 cals

  • Harissa Meatball Flat Bread

    Meatballs in a spicy rose harrisa sauce, cooling mint & yogurt dressing, chargrilled red pepper slices & fresh spinach served on a Kalonji seeds flatbread – 391 cals

  • Chicken Tikka & Onion Bhaji Flat Bread

    Tikka marinated chicken breast, fruit mango chutney & crème fraiche, with fresh spinach & crumbled onion bhaji on a Kalonji seed flatbread – 408 cals

  • Hot Smoked Salmon & Sweet Mustard Cream Cheese

    Hot smoked salmon , sweet mustard cream cheese on a sesame & pumpkin seed baguette – 449 cals

  • Avocado & Houmous

    Fresh avocado, cooling houmous, coriander & tangy sun-dried tomato – 516 cals

  • Mackerel & Beetroot

    Smoked mackerel fillet, lemon mayonnaise, beetroot strings & fresh rocket – 552 cals

  • Ham, Brie & Chutney

    Honey roast ham, Brie & real ale chutney on dark rye – 500 cals

  • New York Deli

    Slices of pastrami & turkey with mustard mayonnaise, Emmental and gherkins – 582 cals

Cold Drinks: Juices, cold drinks and freshly prepared smoothies packed with vitamins.menu-drinks


    Buxton Water – still or sparkling


    Diet Coke

    Coke Zero

    Copella Apple Juice

    Elderflower Mineral

    Apple Mineral


    Alibi Pretox Citrus

    Alibi Pretox Pomegranate

    Fresh Orange Juice

    Feelgood Juice – assorted flavours

    Innocent Smoothies – Assorted Flavours

    Homemade Smoothies – Assorted Flavours

Hot Drinks: We offer organic tea and coffee.menu-soup





    Hot chocolate


    Single EspressoDouble Espresso


    Herbal Teas – Assorted Flavours